International cooperation

International cooperation

European Council of an Energy Efficient Economy - The Foundation is a member of eceee. eceee is a non-profit, European association of NGOs. The goal of eceee is to stimulate energy efficiency through information exchange and co-operation. Eceee promotes understanding and the use of energy efficiency in society. www.eceee.org

Sustainable Energy Europe - The Foundation is an official partner of Sustenergy - European campaign to raise awareness and change the energy situation (in the Directorate General Energy and Transport European Commission). www.sustenergy.org

National cooperation

To spread the principles of energy efficiency, rational use of renewable energy sources and sustainable development, Energy Conservation Foundation cooperates with many organizations and institutions across the country. These includes:

National Energy Conservation Agency NAPE - Energy Conservation Foundation is a main shareholder (72%) of NAPE. National Energy Conservation Energy (NAPE) was established in 1994 as an initiative of the Energy Conservation Foundation (FPE). The Agency was created with an aim of popularizing efficient and rational energy usage, above all in the building sector, and the principles of sustainable development that in 1994 ere still little know. www.nape.pl/eng

Association of Auditors - The Foundation is a supporting partner of the Association of Auditors. www.zae.org.pl

‘Energia i Budynek’ journal - The Foundation is a partner of the publication and provides it with financial support. www.energiaibudynek.pl

Konfederacja Budownictwa i Nieruchomości - The Foundation is a member of Confederacy. www.kbin.org.pl

Ogólnokrajowe Stowarzyszenie „Poszanowanie Energii i środowiska” (SAPE-Polska) - The Foundation is a supporting member of SAPE. www.sape.org.pl

Foundation of Small and Medium Enterprisers - The Foundation cooperates with MSP Foundation to assist the small and medium enterprises in implementing innovations, obtaining funds for development and improvement of competitiveness as well as free training. www.fund.org.pl (english)

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