Our offer

Training activities

Energy Conservation Foundation carries out a number of training activities to prepare for the energy auditor, certifier, as well as expert trainings in the use of renewable energy sources and other selected issues and energy-related technologies.

Pro-innovation services

The Foundation offers advisory and pro-innovation services to small and medium enterprises related to the rationalization of energy consumption in buildings and the use of alternative sourced of energy. Project Nowy Ekspert prepared by the Foundation experts gives entrepreneurs the chance to develop their operations through widening the scope of their services by new ones related to effective energy use and energy efficiency. Nowy Ekspert project consists in transfer and implementation of know-how in a company. More information can be found on www.nowyexpert.pl/eng

Advisory services

In 2008 the Foundation was registered in the National System for Small and Medium Enterprises (KSU) operated by the Polish Agency of Enterprise Development (PARP) and became the National Innovation Network (KSI) entity. KSI advisory services is aimed at supporting businesses that are looking for growth opportunities by introducing new and innovative technologies.

Expert services

Experts from the Foundation provide the following services: assessment of the quality of buildings and installation systems, evaluation of the energy characteristics of buildings during their design and quality testing of buildings’ thermal protection (thermal) and containment (Blower Door).

Conferences and seminars organisation

The Foundation organizes conferences and seminars throughout the whole country. The meetings with businessmen and professionals are dedicated i.e.: energy efficiency, energy efficient and passive construction and buildings’ modernization, energy certification and consulting services provided by Foundations.

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